Spex Pistols

Spex Pistols

Who They Are

Nestled neatly into the cultural quarter of Dundee, Spex Pistols is a unique optical boutique. Fully stocked with a wide variety of designer, vintage, and classic frames they offer something for everyone’s pocket, personality, and profile.

What We Did

We created a new, responsive ecommerce website with built-in conversion strategies for Spex Pistols. With features that can easily be updated and managed, the new design and strategy led to an 26% increase of customer acquisition. Sales have risen 14% in the last three years after launch. The site benefits from ongoing SEO and targeted local optimisation, utilising Spex Pistol’s Facebook audience to engage customers throughout the site.

It’s time to stop surviving on the web – let us help you thrive and grow!

+44 (0) 1334 845125  |  info@digitacomms.uk

15 Bell Street St, Andrews,
Scotland, UK KY16 9UR

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