PPC Trends You Cannot Ignore Any Longer

Steven Brown

Steven Brown

Imagine rushing home from work only to realise that it’s your anniversary tomorrow and you haven’t planned anything.

So, you quickly open your phone’s browser and search for “next day flower delivery.” Right at the top of the results page is an ad for one-hour flower delivery. You click, order, and sigh with relief. Thanks to mobile PPC marketing, your relationship survives – so why does it feel like your business is struggling? Perhaps you’re not implementing the following trends.

In this piece, we discuss PPC mobile marketing because we realise just how popular mobile is! After all, what’s better than whipping out your tablet or smartphone to do, well, just about anything? And, if you’re doing that, so are your customers.

Trend: PPC and Content Marketing

Content marketing is an essential marketing strategy, and PPC has grown in leaps and bounds to promote content more than products.

Trend: PPC and Trust

PPC greatly enhances your brand’s visibility by guaranteeing premium placement in Google’s search results. Even if nobody clicks on the ad, users are still going to see your brand and there’s a better chance of them remembering you. Mobile PPC marketing can elevate brand awareness across channels and boost your consumer trust. Remember, trust is a big deal with Google since the more people click on your content, the more search engines are likely to rank you higher in results.

Trend: PPC and Social Media

Facebook is amazing for targeting a specific audience. Twitter is also great for PPC content marketing where users are used to following links. LinkedIn works well for B2B companies.

Mobile PPC trends are on the up, which means it’s vital that you have a mobile and responsive website, too. Talk to Digita Comms about all your PPC, content, and web design requirements today.

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