Case Study

YouthBank Scotland

Who Are They?

YouthBank Scotland is an innovative grant-making and empowerment initiative – run by young people, for young people. YouthBank Scotland builds on young people’s skills and experiences to enable them to give cash for action, funding young people’s ideas for the benefit of the wider community.

Project Challenges

  • Short deadline to meet YouthBank Scotland launch
  • Limited content provided upfront
  • Direct application to each local YouthBank through the website


We began with a series of discovery sessions and after mapping out all the goals, we validated our findings with a series of interviews to better understand business objectives and user needs. 

We understood that to improve YouthBanks traffic to lead, the conversion rate had to be optimised. Our customer-centric data allowed us to create a better user experience which resulted in various test builds.

Custom YouthBank Directory

We created a custom Directory that showcases each YouthBank throughout Scotland.New youth workers can search for and select their closest YouthBank that provides further information and contact details. Users can also directly sign up to their local YouthBank and register saving the customer services team time and money by directly connecting new leads with local YouthBanks.

SEO Content Marketing

We helped create content and organised effectively by developing the whole site based on custom fields. This makes it much easier for YouthBank to add and edit content without touching a single line of code. The site includes an easy to use interface with integrated online analytics from a single dashboard. We also created SEO optimised pages to drive traffic from Google search to their website which resulted in increased leads and enquiries.

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