Lead Generation Ideas To Begin With A Bang In 2019

Steven Brown

Steven Brown

Don’t miss the forest for the trees. Sometimes it can be easy to miss a campaign’s ultimate goal and become obscured with the details.

Investing time looking at data and conversion rates don’t make money if they can’t generate new leads.

If you are a small business or marketer, we’ve pulled together some great tactical ideas to get you started in 2019.

1. Mobile first approach.

Google now penalises websites that aren’t optimised for mobile and tablet devices. Ultimately this causes poor user experience and will not render properly on screens. Think of how many potential leads are lost at this stage due to your website not displaying as it should.

What’s great is that Google has a free tool that helps tackle this issue. The mobile-friendly test will scan your website and tell what is working and what is not.

Designing mobile first is now common practice in developing a new website. Depending on the industry, it may best to design mobile first then desktop versions of the site. If content is most important, then mobile-first approach organically leads to a design that’s more content-focused, and therefore user-focused. The heart of the site is content — that’s what the users are there for.

2. Target Competitor’s Keywords

If you are not already using tools to uncover your competitor’s keywords, you’re already at a disadvantage. By understanding which keywords your competitors are using to get traffic, you can optimise your site and online campaigns to rank for the same keywords.

A good tip is to spend around £100 on paid ads to see if specific keywords have a higher conversions rate than others, a great way to quickly collect keywords without spending resources optimising organically.

These tools also provide data on backlinks, especially your competitor’s backlinks. By collecting a list of backlinks you can increase your organic search results rankings. 

Majestic SEO is a great tool that you can use to look at the backlinks of your competitors. Once you’ve got your list, reach out to those sources and encourage them to link back to your website.

As time goes by and your backlink profile begins to grow, Google will take notice and start sending more organic traffic and your website will be ranked higher.

3. Automate Email Marketing 

Standing the test of time yet again is email marketing. Email marketing is now 23 years old and still trumps the top spot on many B2B marketers arsenal for lead generation strategies.

The biggest trend and potentially the most powerful is marketing automation. Not sure what the big hype is about automation? In short, these are tools that connect with CRM’s to enable you to automatically send highly targeted emails to leads that are personally addressed to them. Customised content is also sometimes created to nurture the customer, with a series of automated emails that ‘follow up’ on the customer’s or buyer’s journey. 

When Thomson Reuters uprated their marketing solution to an automated one, their revenue increased by 172%. Not bad huh?

Traditional newsletters are still important, however, the ability to automate and personalise using behavioral triggers, B2B marketers can save a lot of time and money by nurturing customers using this process.  Definitely more streamlined than how it used to be.

4. Content Marketing 

Moving forward in 2019 and beyond, it’s ever more important that companies having interesting content to share. Not just any content but specific researched content, written for the exact customer persona, what they enjoy, what they listen too.

Learn your target audience well and provide them with compelling and high quality copy. Search engines love quality written copy, they rank high and increase your page views increasing leads whilst getting your pages found on the web.

Using search engines to get the maximum results is one of the best tactics for any business looking to grow online. If you have success with SEO you’ll gain new customers faster and for free. Having a strong marketing strategy is imperative to making this work and provides valuable informational content for your target audience.

Make sure you have a strategy that’s best for your customers and easily developed on an ongoing basis internally. It’s important that this content is fresh and engaging and inspires and educates your target audience so that they keep coming back for more.

5. Use the Godfather-Strategy to build your email list

It’s time to be more creative in getting people to sign up to your newsletter. What sounds more appealing: ’Sign up for the newsletter’ or ‘Join our experts of 3000+ world-class marketers and salespeople’. 

Yup you got it. The second sounds much more enticing. It’s the same offer but with some added social proof.

Old calls-to-action like ’Sign up for our blah blah’ just don’t work because it’s old hat and people don’t engage with these anymore. They demand content that’s engaging and personalised to them. Point solving, laser focused and specific content will meet their interest and provide them with exactly what desire.

Pulling it all together

Exceptional lead generation results come from relentless experimentation with different tactics and to combine multiple tactics across different channels. 

By experimenting you can know what works and what doesn’t and this differs for every industry, market and business. When you know this you can concentrate your time and budget effectively to generate returns on your investment. Don’t fall into the trap in creating mediocre lead generation, this causes the ‘leaky bucket effect’, and if this isn’t fixed, businesses can spend endless amounts in generating leads that pour into the leaky bucket (poor sales funnel). This wastes money, time and effort.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration on whats possible with lead generation and conversion optimisation tactics. Focus on one at a time and get great at it before moving on to the next tactic. If you have any questions or interested in what Digita Comms can do for your business, get in touch.

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